Email Services

Email Issues

At 4:00pm CST, our engineers are investigating the connectivity issues impacting the Hosted Email environment. It appears all of our servers are online and receiving email properly. No email was lost. Once we have a full analysis available, we will post it here for you.

At 12:00pm CST, Exchange users should be completely up and running. We are still experiencing minor difficulties with webmail at this time.

At 11:05am CST, we have made a configuration change to our network which will restore client functionality via POP/IMAP/SMTP. Users may need restart their clients in order to restore connectivity. At this time, users may still be unable to connect to Webmail or the Control Panel.

At 8:45am CST, we were notified of a large outage to our email servers. While we do not know the exact cause of this outage, our technicians are working to find out exactly what is wrong and how to correct this issue as soon as possible. We have engaged our engineers to investigate the connectivity issues in our environment. At this time, users may be unable to connect to control panel and email accounts. We will update you with more information once it is available.