Is that call from Microsoft a scam?

We have received many reports within the past few weeks in which individuals have received phone calls from Microsoft stating their computer is infected and it needs to be checked right away.

Let us begin by saying we received a call from one of these individuals and here is how the conversation began:

PageDesk: Thank you for calling PageDesk, how may we assist you today?
So Called Microsoft: Yes.  We are calling today to inform you your computer is infected with a virus and we need to access it right away to correct the errors.
PageDesk: Which computer?  We have quite a few.
So Called Microsoft: Uhhh…Your home computer.
PageDesk: Well, can you tell me which one of my home computers?  Tell me the IP address and I’ll be happy to assist you.
So Called Microsoft: (Click)…..dial tone.

Let me continue by saying that in the background, we heard a call center with literally hundreds of other calls going on.

If you receive a call from Microsoft, it is a scam!

Microsoft will never call you directly unless you call them first.  Cybercriminals will use publicly available phone directories in order to call individuals.  They will know your phone number, sometimes even your address.

Do Not Allow These Individuals To Install ANY Software on Your Computer!

These individuals will gain your trust by telling you anything in order to install software on your computer.  Once you do this, your computer and your personal information is vulnerable.

What if you think you may have already fallen for this scam?

If you may have fallen for this rouse, then you will have to do a few things:

1.  Turn off your computer right away!
2.  If you provided them with a credit card, call your credit card company and request a new number and if there are any charges on it, to cancel them.
3.  Change your password or PINs on all online accounts.
4.  Call PageDesk at (815) 462-6000 to fix your computer to remove the software that may have been installed on it.

Individuals who may be most at risk?

These scams tend to call older individuals who may be scared by the phone call they just received.  We have had reports of grandparents who have received these calls and are intimidated by the tactics over the phone.  Inform seniors and individuals that when they receive a call from “Microsoft” to just hang up the phone.